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English 12 - Hamlet Act I

posted May 01, 2012 19:40:15 by
Answer the 2 questions you have chosen from Act I. Don't forget to read the answers from before you and comment as best you might. Answers should be in complete sentences.
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cjules986 said May 02, 2012 02:03:22
1.Where does this play take place?
The play takes place in Denmark.
cjules986 said May 02, 2012 02:13:24
20.What is happening at the court while Hamlet, Horatio and Marcellus are on the platform?
The King is staying up late partying, drinking, and dancing.
emcmillan802 said May 02, 2012 23:11:48
What three questions does Marcellus raise?
1. Shall I strike it [ghost] with my partisan?
2. Is it not like the King?
3. Who is it that can inform me?

In lines 172-173 what does Hamlet imply he may do?
He implies that he may shift the ground, change things from what they currently are, in respect to Gertrude and Claudius.
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Alex said May 03, 2012 05:52:29
2. As the play opens, Horatio joins Marcellus and Bernardo at their night watch. Why has Horatio joined them?
Horatio, being a university scholar, has been asked to join them in order to try to communicate in Latin with the ghost that has appeared.
6. In Lines 140-149, what three reasons does Horatio list for the superstition of a ghost's returning from the grave?
Horatio lists the following reasons: The ghost has 'unfinished business' on earth or 'sins to be atoned for', the ghost is a warning about the fate of Denmark in an upcoming war, and that the ghost is a sign that a treasure of the Earth or something precious has been wrongfully taken or stolen, causing the ghost's unrest.
thill111 said May 03, 2012 15:17:25
12) Hamlets father has been dead less than 2 months.
25) The ghost asks Hamlet to take revenge and not let Denmark become a "nest of incest".
cgutsche163 said May 03, 2012 18:20:52
24 the ghost implies that Hamlet's mother had an affair with him. He tells Hamelt to let God be the judge of her a actions.

16 Laertes says that Hamlets marriage choice rests on all of Denmark not on his own feelings.
cgutsche163 said May 03, 2012 18:20:55
24 the ghost implies that Hamlet's mother had an affair with him. He tells Hamelt to let God be the judge of her a actions.

16 Laertes says that Hamlets marriage choice rests on all of Denmark not on his own feelings.
ejones193 said May 03, 2012 18:49:34
8. At the opening of scene 2 King Claudius announces his union with the new queen, Hamlet's mother.

14. At the end of scene 2 Hamlet's plan is to watch for the ghost and speak to it. He wants to figure out it's surpose and whether or not it is truely the ghost of his father.
srowat502 said May 04, 2012 00:46:36
9) Claudius sends Cornelius and Voltimand to Norway to talk to the King of Norway about his nephew. They request that the King stops young Norway from preparing and planning for another battle with Denmark.

23) The Ghost reveals that he was murdered while in an orchard. The killer was Claudius, Hamlet's uncle. He was killed with poison that was put in his ear while he was sleeping. This poison gave him leprous symptoms and killed him quickly.
eking596 said May 04, 2012 04:14:51

15) Laertes warns his sister, Ophelia about Hamlet because he maybe just trying to be a flirt.

21) Hamlet denounce the drunken celebration because it makes Denmark look like a bunch of drunken party goers.
cmclean867 said May 04, 2012 14:06:53
13) Hamlet says 'Frailty, thy name is woman!' because he is angry with his mother for being so passive towards the death of his father and takes it out on every woman saying 'Frailty goes by another name (women).

17) Ophelia tells her brother not to run out and 'deflower' women. She essentially gives him a lecture on not being a hypocrite. She basically throws his words back in his face and tells him to follow his own advice as well.
dpastro179 said May 04, 2012 19:07:55
3)In line 69 Horatio interprets the appearance of the ghost as the King, with the armour he had on when he battled with Norway.

26)Hamlet implies that me may kill/hurt Horatio and Marcellus with his sword if the speak of what happened.
rsandhu123 said May 04, 2012 20:00:31
10. Claudius and Gertrude don't like the colour of Hamlet's dress because it is all black. The colour is depressing to them.

11. Claudius wants Hamlet to remain at court because he is closest to the throne.
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tkostiuk372 said May 08, 2012 20:55:49
7. They decide to tell Hamlet reasoning that the ghost might choose to speak to him.

22. Hamlet approaches the ghost not knowing if it has good or bad intentions. The ghost beckons him, but Horatio and Marcellus try to persuade him not to go. Hamlet forces past them and follows the ghost.
sschrottner344 said May 09, 2012 00:19:57
5. Old Hamlet killed Fortinbras of Norway, so now young Fortinbras wants revenge for his father's death.
19. Polonius tells Ophelia to not believe Hamlet when he says that he loves her. He tells her to stay away from him and not talk to him.
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